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Executive Officer Candidates

The nomination submission period has passed. 

Candidates will be announced on August 17th, 2022, and all members that registered in eligible leagues will receive notification of the candidates.

Eligible Leagues are:

  • Fall Bowling 2021 (October 3rd, 2021 - December 19th, 2021)
  • Roller Derby 2022 (January 1st, 2022 - December 31st, 2022)
  • Winter Bowling 2022 (January 9th, 2022 - March 27th, 2022)
  • Softball 2022 (April 24th, 2022 - August 7th, 2022)
  • Fall Ball 2022 (August 14th, 2022 - September 25th, 2022)

Voting for all 3 positions will be held on October 23rd, 2022 at Eastway bowl from 4:00 PM-6:00 PM.

Those who have met the registration requirements in eligible leagues (noted above) may cast one vote. (Even if registered in multiple leagues, the member is allowed one vote.)

For a nominee to be eligible, they must have been a registered member of SEPSA for at least one year.

Candidates for President:

  • Robert Burandt
  • Damon Farah


  • Manage, lead, oversee and conduct the business of the Organization
  • Be the official representative to all external partners and official signatory on all contracts/agreements entered by the Organization, i.e., Park District, Financial, Legal, Insurance, Events, etc.
  • Subordinate only to the Board of Directors, and shall be charged with carrying out the directives, fulfilling their guidelines, and achieving the goals and purposes they specify
  • Chairperson of all official meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Superordinate to all other officers within the Organization in their organizational functions and shall be charged by the Board of Directors to supervise the work of all other Organization Officers and exercise their right to executive decisions over them
  • On the matters affecting the activity of the Board of Directors, the Board on all actions affecting the structure and staffing of the Organization Officers shall consult the President
  • Hold regular organization office business meetings at their own calling
  • Shall have the power after the Board of Directors to devein the latitude of discretionary power exercised by other Officers, but in no way countermand or overrule the action of the Board
  • Shall see to it that the decisions of the Board are carried out, making reports regularly to the Board concerning their activities and conducting the organization's business
  • Shall serve as ex-officio members of all committees to SEPSA

Candidates for Secretary:

  • Behai Nguyen


  • Recorder of all meetings of the Board of Directors, and historical record keeping
  • Conduct all elections of the Board of Directors
  • Oversee Sioux Empire Pride Sports
  • Association bylaws, and Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Other duties as assigned

Candidates for Director of Business Development:

  • Chase Burandt


  • Director of Marketing/Sponsorship
  • Park District and other venues liaison
  • Oversee Athletic Code(s)
  • Lead Organization liaison program
  • Chair committee on Athletics/Marketing
  • Oversee Communications Director
  • Oversee Recruitment Director
  • Direct communication strategy for the Organization, i.e., e-mail, social media
  • Other duties as assigned