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Rea Tague


My names Reannae Tague, I’ve been involved in the LGBTQIA+2 since coming out at age 13. Since my journey began it’s had many ups and downs, but the importance is coming together as one to support each and ever individual. I attended USF for college while continuing to achieve playing tennis, and softball. My love for sports is very strong, but also my passion for rescuing animals. Family is everything so we as a community need to stay strong, support each other, and grow together.

Why did you join the executive committee?
I head about their being a secretary spot on the joined SEPSA board so I decided to take the chance. I’m going to broaden my horizons on the LGBTQIA+2 community and have the option to be a voice. To watch, support, and gain knowledge on how we can come together as one in all physical activities as a whole, and to have fun at each and every activity!