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SEPSA shall foster knowledge and training in the field of athletics by conducting regular classes of instruction in any of the athletic areas leagues as mentioned below for those needing and wanting such instruction; and by conducting public programs (forums, discussion groups, lectures, or films) aimed at educating the community served about the physical, social, psychological, and intellectual benefits of athletics.

SEPSA shall promote competitive and recreational sports leagues and recreational activities within the LGBTQ community in the following areas: sports, banquets, and parties relating to a specific athletic competition/event, or other activities deemed appropriate to the Board of Directors of SEPSA.

SEPSA is a nonprofit corporation and shall be operated and organized exclusively for educational, social, and charitable purposes deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors as prescribed by the applicable Nonprofit Corporations Act of South Dakota and the applicable sections of the 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code including, for such purpose, the making of distributions to corporations that qualify as exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).


Sioux Empire Pride Sports Association, (SEPSA) was created in the Fall of 2020. The founder, who is also our current president, enjoyed playing softball in the Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League (TCGSL) in Minneapolis for 7 seasons. He missed playing the game and the atmosphere on the fields with good friends coming together for an afternoon of softball.

SEPSA is a safe place for the LGBTQIA2S+ community to join in recreational and competitive sports and other community events.

In 2021 the following leagues held their inaugural seasons: Sioux Empire PSA- Softball, Sioux Empire PSA- Fall Ball, Sioux Empire PSA Cornhole, and Sioux Empire PSA- Bowling. In December 2021, Sioux Empire PSA- Roller Derby was added. As of October 2022, it is no longer offered to our members. 

2022 saw growth in all SEPSA leagues. Softball not only hosted its inaugural tournament, the Big Sioux Round-Up,  but it also became a member of International Pride Softball, formerly NAGAAA. We outgrew our softball banquet space and moved venues. Held our first officer election. Proudly marched with our members during the Pride parade again, but this time with an amazingly constructed float. Sioux Empire PSA- Bowling managers voted to become a part of (IGBO) which would offer its members a more rounded bowling experience. But most importantly, we listened, learned, and shared how SEPSA is making an impact right here in the Sioux Empire Area. 

2023 will see additional growth not only as we announced our newest league offering Sioux Empire PSA-Volleyball but also several other planned offerings, events, and changes such as:

Sioux Empire PSA- Winter Bowling 9-pin tap, sending our first Sioux Empire PSA- Softball team(s) to the Gay Softball World Series, hosting our 2nd annual Softball tournament Sioux Empire Classic formerly (Big Sioux Round-Up), our 1st annual All League Banquet, updating all of SEPSA governing documents. All of this was in large part due to feedback from you, our members.

There are several ways to get involved and we would love to add additional leagues in the future like pool, darts, kickball, basketball, etc. If you are willing to help get these leagues started and become a commissioner, we'd love to hear from you, complete the "Contact Us" form and let us know.