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Sunshine Fund

The Sunshine Fund is for SEPSA to give back to its members. Members can request up to $500 from the fund for themselves or another member of SEPSA.

This is the formal process of submitting to the board of directors that an event has occurred or is about to occur for one or more of its members to have a major life-altering event. Specifically allocated funds made ready for disbursement to past, or present members for the purpose of, but not limited to: marriage, death, birth, accident, and/or any major life-altering event

If denied, or a lesser amount is approved, an explanation letter will be made available to the requestor within thirty (30) days of the outcome of the vote

See section 9.5 in the Bylaws for additional information. 

Request From Sunshine Funds

Your Info
Please let us know what the event is and as much information as possible.