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2023 Gaylene Johnson

"She has supported our softball season for the last 3 years and also bowling! She is an amazing advocate for our community! She deserves this award as not only that but she has been part of the gay community for the last 25+ years! She is a sweet person and would give the shirt off of her back for those in need like myself!"

"Supports the community and all that we do."

"I met the recipient 25 years ago, she saw me smile from across a crowded room at Touchez. We knew a few of the same people, and she found her way into my circle of friends. She has been a great supporter of the gay community, and has always reached out and helped, even when not asked. She believes that everyone should feel seen and heard, and that people matter. She has worked hard on doing promotional flyers and promos for the bar events, pride, various groups, etc. She has always donated her time and efforts, money, and asked for nothing in return. She has supported SEPSA and will always be a fan. It's hard for me to put into words how much she has done. I just look at it this way, she has spent half her life supporting the community. I think it would be nice to make her feel like she is seen and she matters ;-)"

Our 2023 Community Involvement Award Recipient

Gaylene Johnson

Congratulations and thank you for the years of memories!