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Executive Officer Election

Nominations for the 2024 SEPSA Executive Officers are open. The positions available for nominees are President, Secretary, and Chief Information Officer.

Below you read the duties of each position and nominate yourself or a fellow SEPSA Member.

Nominees' deadlines for all positions are due before the August 10th board meeting. 

2024 Eligible voting members include those who registered in LeagueApps in the following leagues:
-Sioux Empire PSA- Kickball 2024 season
-Sioux Empire PSA- Softball 2024 season. 
-Sioux Empire PSA Sponsored Volleyball Team at NetBinders Volleyball. 
-Sioux Empire PSA- Bowling Winter 2024 season. 
-Sioux Empire PSA- Bowling Fall 2023 season.
and/or any LeagueApps registered NON-Player from October 8th, 2023 - September 30th, 2024

Nominate Candidate

2024 Executive Officers For Election


Elected in even numbered years - Robert Burandt

  • Manage, lead, oversee, and conduct business of the Corporation
  • Be the official representative to all external partners and official signatory on all contracts/agreements entered by the Corporation, e.g., Park District, Financial, Legal, Insurance, Events, etc.
  • Subordinate only to the Board of Directors, and shall be charged with carrying out the directives, fulfilling their guidelines, and achieving the goals and purposes they specify
  • Chairperson of all official meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Superordinate to all other officers within the Corporation in their corporate functions and shall be charged by the Board of Directors to supervise their work of all other Corporation Officers and exercise their right to executive decisions over them
  • On the matters affecting the activity of the Board of Directors, the Board on all action affecting the structure and staffing of the Corporation Officers shall consult the President
  • Hold regular corporation office business meetings at their own calling
  • Shall have the power after the Board of Directors to devein the latitude of discretionary power exercised by other Officers, but in no way countermand or overrule the action of the Board
  • Shall see to it that the decisions of the Board are carried out, making reports regularly to the Board concerning their activities and conducting the corporation's business
  • Shall serve as ex-officio members of all committees to SEPSA
  • Maintain accurate SEPSA business in shared resources. e.g. Google Drive with ownership set to SEPSA admin.


Elected in even numbered years - Michael Hanson

  • Recorder, preparer, and organizer of all meetings of the Board of Directors, and historical record-keeping
  • Conduct all elections of the Board of Directors, except when their position is up for election, this power is transferred to the Vice President
  • Oversee Sioux Empire Pride Sports Association governing documents e.g. bylaws, Policies and Procedures Manual, athletic code(s)
  • Communicate the business of the corporation to the Board of Directors and/or League Commissioners and/or Members.
  • Overseas Community Volunteer Director
  • Maintain accurate SEPSA business in shared resources. e.g. Google Drive with ownership set to SEPSA admin.
  • Other duties as assigned

Chief Information Officer

Elected in even numbered years - Chase Burandt

  • Lead liaison for all press releases.
  • Chair the committee of Communications/Marketing
  • Oversee Communications Director
  • Technology Administrator e.g. Website, league apps, google drive
  • Maintain standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Responsible for managing and directing the corporation’s internal and external communication platforms
  • Responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating marketing efforts
  • Maintain accurate SEPSA business in shared resources e.g Google Drive with ownership set to SEPSA admin.
  • Other duties as assigned