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Jessie Fitzgerald

Recruitment Director

I grew up in Marion South Dakota on a farm with my mom, dad, and brother, I graduated High School in 2000, I work full time as a financial crime specialist, fiancee and mother, which Jordan, Angelo, and my mother Carol are my biggest supporters and are always there for me.
I've always wanted to play sports but was afraid of many things, like getting hurt or being judged, something i don't have to worry about being apart of SEPSA is everyone's so welcoming and open.

Having an 8 year old keeps me on my toes most days, but the one thing that i found that we really enjoy is throwing the ball to each other in the back yard, with the dogs running around.

Why did you join the executive committee?
I have been part of SEPSA going into my third year of softball and will be going into my second year of kickball. I wanted to get involved to have a voice and try to get everyone to know that this is a safe space and meet great people and make long lasting friendships. Plus getting a little dirty never hurt any one