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Mariah Johnson


I was born in Orem, UT and I grew up in between Boise, ID and the Sioux Falls area. I have been living in the Sioux Falls area consistently for the last ~15 years. I recently graduated with a degree in Human Resource Management, and I am the Administrative Assistant and wearer of many hats at a doctor's clinic in Sioux Falls. I am grateful to be a mom to one son, Jaxson, and future wife to my fiancé, Cari. We have a busy home life between ourselves, three cats and one dog. We enjoy being outdoors, staying active, and traveling.

Why did you join the executive committee?
At a SEPSA board meeting in Summer 2023, I realized the executive team needed a lot of help to keep the organization moving smoothly. Among a vacant Treasurer position, there were many other positions open, and desperately needing to be filled. I decided to throw my hat in the ring for the Treasurer position and I ended up being elected in October 2023! I am excited to be a part of the SEPSA Board of Directors and look forward to growing this awesome organization even further!