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Chris Sorenson

Vice President

I was born in Miller, SD, and grew up all over the United States. Without knowing it, 6 years ago, I purchased a house that was 3 houses away from where my mom grew up. I was looking for a fixer-up house that I could bring back to life. Recently, my passion for home renovation has turned into a handyman business.

Why did you join the executive committee?
A couple of years ago, I realized after living in Sioux Falls for close to 8 years, because of traveling for work, I had not established roots in Sioux Falls. I resigned and wanted to find more friends and get involved. I did join the S&R Committee, I was then approached with the opportunity to take on the Sponsorship Director role. I agreed to take on the role because other board members had confidence in me and believed my skill set would be an asset to SEPSA.