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Cari Weddell

Volleyball Commissioner

I'm originally from Iowa, but have lived in the Sioux Falls area for the last almost 15 years. I've been a SEPSA member for the past 3 years, playing on softball and bowling teams so far. Along with being active in SEPSA leagues, my wife, stepson, and I enjoy a variety of activities including indoor rock climbing, geocaching, and golfing.

I played team sports as a child, but stopped as I became an adult until being introduced to SEPSA. Playing on SEPSA teams was so much fun and I got to know so many amazing new people within the LGBTQIA+ community that I'd never had the opportunity to meet before. I love the idea of trying to create links for our community for connection and support and SEPSA does such a great job of this by organizing an inclusive, fun, and safe space for us to engage with each other and challenge ourselves at sports. I'm proud to be a part of this organization and hope to continue to offer what I can to help it succeed and grow as time goes on.